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Season Title: The Snowy Mountain


This season's last collection.
Proposing luxury for yourself when you put it through your sleeves.

a.Glen check pattern x shaggy gown coat:GLANIER

b.Powerful rib knit of pink mohair x silk with the image of a sunrise:ALLON

c.Rich stall using luxurious material baby camel:BRENON


21AW main collection
Impressive in the winter landscape, snow of color.

The white color name named after that, Snow.
The diagonal line was taken from the iconic snow-covered mountains.
And nature fascinates Green, Moss, Brown, Chestnut.

Exquisite colors and color schemes are important elements of styling.

Overlaying colors-layered-is the theme of the season.

TOP Visual II:Wear elegant Snow

a:This season's Key Color Chestnut color scheme

b:Diagonal LINE

c:Enjoy the layered


The theme this time is a collection inspired by French ski resorts.

Winter, snowy mountains, nature ...
Born from such a keyword, it is important to feel a little relaxed in line with the new normal era.

TOP Visual 1:Existence of leather that enhances freshnessRIANS

a:This season's Key Color Straw×Forest Green stylingVARAGES

b:A blouse that wears this season's romantic moodCORRENS

c:Silk series you want to be a familiar presenceBRAUX

Alpaca's gentle texture and tweedy look.
A knit that will make you mesmerized when you wear it on your bare skin.
VARS KNIT ¥36,000

Knit is an important element to create a new style.
Both short knit and BIG silhouette are fresh items.

Did you all notice that the background of the collection is diagonally switched?
I switched all the backgrounds to match this season's theme because it's a theme that appeals to the eyes.
Matching the chestnut color with charcoal gray is a color matching that incorporates the elements of trad.
Sleeveless long giletVILLAZ ¥49,500
Sleeveless knitCEVINS ¥24,200
Straight wide pants VILLAZ ¥34,100

Faux leather is attached to the back of the jacket collar.
This is a little play that the designer has put into the invisible details.
Faux leather has evolved so much that you can't tell the difference between it and the real one, both in texture and appearance.
You don't have to worry about mold, so you can rest assured.
VILLAZ ¥53,900

V-neck deep blouse.
Of course, for layered.
An item for layering, which is the number one theme of the season.
Layered blouse ACTON ¥42,900
Leather pants VILLAZ ¥34,100

This season, it is BEIGE, cool styling to decide the styling with faux leather as an accent.
RIANS has faux leather on the front and cut and sewn fabric on the back.
The suppleness of faux leather adds lightness, so it does not become too hard styling, and it is finished in casual styling.
Punching leather series
RIANS 18,700円
ROUGON 29,700円

A figure that walks coolly with a long shirt of VARAGES.
Such a blouse setup is sceneless and easy to use.
ITEM is available in 3 types
BLOUSE 19,800円
PANTS 24,200円
DRESS 31,900円

A romantic blouse with pin-tuck pleats on the front.
This mood that continues from 21SS seems to continue until autumn and winter.
Short sleeve blouse 27,500円
Sleeveless blouse 28,600円

Silk is expensive or delicate, and it is easy to be mistaken for a high-class product whose material is difficult to handle.
The BRAUX fabric is WASHABLE, and the smooth and silky feel is perfect for midsummer.
Please wear it on your bare skin and spend a relaxing day.
DRESS 42,900円
Short sleeve blouse 31,900円
Sleeveless blouse 26,400円
PANTS 31,900円