A jacket that has become synonymous with CINDY, which represents BEIGE.

The material is a back satin georgette with an elegant shaded surface and a feeling of falling.
A seasonless standard material with moderate stretchability and excellent functionality.As it is back satin, the material on the back side is soft and comfortable to wear.In addition, because it is washable, it is a highly practical material that can be worn daily.

It has a gorgeous impression even without a collar due to the double-layered chest, and is extremely popular.
Taking advantage of the drape feeling of the material, the buttonless dressing and the position of the panel line on the back are put inside, so the jacket with a cool back silhouette that makes the body line beautiful without having to close the front.
The back satin makes it easy for your arms to pass through, while the cuffs are narrow sleeves that use stretch, and the sleeves are designed to be long so that you can wear them with Roll your arms.
Put a thin pad on the shoulders to give a sharp impression around the face.
The lining is not attached because it makes it difficult to feel the stretch.
Therefore, the gold piping, which is more time-consuming than lining, makes it a nice jacket even if you take it off

Choosing a bottom that matches the color scheme of the collar makes it easy to incorporate as a single item.

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Wearing size:4(SAMPLE)
Item code:JKCWIA0710

色: MochaBlack_ci

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