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Uses woven yarn with a lot of space inside so that the texture of the rare Chinese raccoon, which is smooth and soft to the touch, is not impaired and the bulge appears.
The raccoon itself has excellent lightness and heat retention, and by making it a knitted yarn with a lot of space inside, it is finished as a knit with a softer and bulging air layer.

A volume muffler with a long fringe on a powerful low gauge ridge knitting.

It is fashionable to express this volume near the face.
When worn as a set with a high-necked short-length knit made of the same material, it gives a compact and inflectional styling.

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material:wool:50%,Chinese raccoon:26%,Nylon:24

Wearing size:4(SAMPLE)
Item code:AAC3IW0506

Color: TaupeWhiteline_au

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