2016S/S Theme


Desert Ripples/
Formation Of Deserts


Nothing compares to the beauty of nature.

Standing in the desert, it is impossible to see the colour and shape of each grain of sand as it moves with the wind. The landscape comprises the accumulation of those tiny details. As traces of the wind become visible on the surface of the dunes, moving tides of sand are born. Some grains take on a darker shade in the rain, before gradually lightening as the moisture departs.

Such beauty is not attained through conscious action; it is the result of nature functioning as it should. Yet despite this, humans try to recreate this kind of unprocessed beauty with their own hands, inventing numerous methods of expression along the way.

“Sand/Desert” is the theme for the 2016 S/S collection.

The color sand BEIGE, represents the layers of the landscape, with the collection taking its key colors from the gradation from BEIGE, to brown that is reminiscent of the variations within the desert landscape. The sweater’s rib stitches represent the patterns made in the sand by unrelenting winds; the long suede jacket bears patterns that express the look and feel of sand grains; while the trench coat and its soft drapes embody the continuous ridges of desert dunes.

Drapes and cuts that are both airy and dynamic; color patterns that are neutral yet strong; materiality and forms that are perceived through contact with the body and hands. This delicate and gentle collection will enhance the character of its wearer. Enjoy BEIGE,'s 2016 S/S collection: still, calm and strong like the desert landscape.

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