2016A/W Theme




CLASSICLESS, the theme for the 2016 A/W collection of BEIGE,, is not antonym of CLASSIC.

BEIGE, created clothes that leverage the uniqueness of people who wear from the angle which exceeds the mere comparison between “Classic” and “Modern”.

CLASSICLESS. If you take it literally, it means anti-classic, or not having classic elements. The motifs and details that are called classic, however, has been used more than usual. This is a trial to lessen (decrease/subtract) certain elements from classic style while adding some modern elements which will make a whole new dresses. That is the BEIGE, of this season.

The textile became lighter by replacing from the check pattern which had been woven to the the printed textile. The pants and skirts can move freely with the cut-off hems. The long jackets and the knit jackets can be tied with belt to fit your own styling without buttons fastened. Jackets might be coats or cardigans might be jackets. This Autumn and Winter collection of BEIGE, has been made more lightly than usual.

We understand you tend to wear thick and heavy clothes during Autumn and Winter season. This is the reason why we would like you to enjoy our comfort materials as well as modern styling which can adjust to your moves and lives.

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